Our School

Our Program

We offer the 8-4-4 syetem of education. We admit all levels from day care to class 8 for both day scholars and mandatory boarding from class 4 to both boys and girls .

Our Values

Promote diversity, honesty and integrity, environmental care, promote personal character growth, advance open communication and respect for race, religion, nationality or gender.

Our mission:

To develop an all round learner with a strong CHARACTER and a positive ATTITUDE so as to achieve EXCELLENCE grounded in a firm Christian foundation.

Social Studies

We admit boarders from class 5 to 8. this is mandatory for all the learners at this level. Our boarding facilities include well ventilated and spacious dorms, s...
Daybugs are admitted from baby class, kindergarten through early classes 1-4. They are picked from designated places in the morning and dropped in the evenings....
We admit babies in playgroup where they spend half day playing and engaging in creative learning. Kindly contact the school for further information.