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St Petroc provides a complete environment for an all round pupil tom excel. Our pupils participate in class and out of class activities enabling them explore the best activities for their growth.
The school admits all age groups from play group to senior class. Contact our offices on 0705005005 and book an appointment with the administration for further discussion and admission.
The Petroc community provides an ample environment for the pupils, teachers and parents to explore the outdoors and experience the many opportunities abound. Every chance is celebrated in a unique way and provi
Pupils playing during an outdoor event. The school provides an ample environment for both inside and outside class activity. call 0705 0005 005 for more details and booking an interview. >/p>
The following activities are offered at the school: swimming, skating, football, netball, basketball, etc. Call 0705 005 005 to book for an interview.